A Place Called Home by Jason Grant

$45.00 AUD

Let acclaimed Sydney stylist and blogger Jason Grant show you how to become your own stylist, and transform your house into a beautiful home. 

In his first book, A Place Called Home, Jason Grant shares insider information on how to decorate your home just like a stylist.

This is a uniquely Australian interior design book, without being kitschy, Jason is able to incorporate classic Australiana into his style in a really tasteful way. Fun and accessible, the book is filled with lots of clever tricks and ideas, as well as information on where to source beautiful pieces. A highly illustrated, creative guide on how to create beautiful spaces, Jason explains where to get inspiration and how to get started!

We progress through different rooms in the home, bedroom, living, dining and kitchen, detailing hints and tips to consider. Addressing storage solutions, small spaces, outdoor areas, working with colour, recycling and finishing touches. 

Loving the directory of all of Jason's favourite places to shop! Including Scout House!