Antique French Vintage Wooden Dough Proving Bowls

$280.00 AUD

In the 19th century, bakers at farmhouses in France used these hand-carved, primitive antique wooden bowls to make bread each morning.

Originally used to hold dough as it waited to rise. We LOVE them as fruit bowls, bread bowls,or to hold keys, handtowels, magazines........Each one was made by hand therefore sizes and patinas vary, but each is beautiful and unique!

Each bowl is carved from a single piece of timber.. 

  • Each bowl is an antique and bears individual marks of use and history.
  • Perfect as a setting for a tabletop display.
  • Sold separately, each bowl varies from 80-120cm in total length.
  • Each bowl is in as found condition but can be waxed or polished as required.