Japanese Wind Chime by Chushin Kobo

$59.00 AUD
A beautiful cast Iron Japanese wind Bell in verdé green.
The wind bell or Furin’ is a Japanese cultural icon. The distinctive quality of it's sound distinguishes it from traditional western wind chimes. The Furin having a single, resonant sound that has been described as ‘clear, cool and otherworldly’.
It is an integral part of the Japanese landscape and cultural make-up invoking images and memories of summer for Japanese people.

Chushin Kobo an esteemed Japanese cast iron atelier. Their distinctive pieces  combine Japanese traditional craft with a contemporary design.

Design and casting are both performed by Hisanori MASUDA a master of his craft. Having a deep understanding of the casting techniques allows him to design unique products for contemporary life and embrace the spirit of Japanese aesthetics. 

Made in Japan
Does not include stand.