Cire Trudon Perfume Mortel

$350.00 AUD

Skins heat up against one another, placing sensuality at the heart of Mortel; more, frankincense, myrrh and benzoin reveal the erotic spell of pure Cistus.

Notes : 

  • Head - Black Pepper, Pimento, Nutmeg
  • Heart - Somalian Frankincense, Mystikal, Virginia Cedar
  • Base - Pure Cistus , Myrrh, Benzoin


On your skin, Mortel will reveal its metallic tie between warmth and cold.

Created by Yann Vasnier

The artist, living between shadow and light, is a mortal creature. Halfway between the religious and the revolutionary, with an unquenched thirst for eternity, Mortel is a revolutionary drive that combines virile force and natural harmonies. A fatal attraction. “A winter’s night. A heavy metal door opens on a huge room. A man appears in the distance; intense heat and light are pulsing from a forge. Light is reflected on the skin and gestures of this man, who is engaged in a rite: standing in front of the blaze, his eyes seek a form buried in the magma before he can recreate it in the open air. The furnace throws giant, moving shadows. In the midst of his activity, sleep finally overcomes the fiery eyes of the artist-craftsman.” - Yann Vasnier.

Eau de parfum 100ml
By Cire Trudon

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