Mad et Len Eau De Parfum Spirituelle

$295.00 AUD

Handcrafted Mad et Len Eau De Parfum are an Australian exclusive at Scout. 

The beautiful and intoxicating eu de parfum from mad et len’s blacksmith collection is both modern and timeless. A unisex fragrance that is handmade in their atelier in St. Julien du Verdon in the South of France. The brand’s philosophy "Creating fragrances that awaken memories from the past“

Spirituelle is invigorating and purifying. A scent of refreshment, depth, and adventure.

Notes: crispy cold Mint

All Mad et Len products are paraben, silicon and preservative free, and not tested on animals.

The bottle is in black glass designed in order to filter UV and protect all the magnificence.

Like all the products Mad et Len, they are Hand Made in France.

50 ml