Dog Pull Rope Toy made in Historic Chatham Boatyard

$35.00 AUD

A safe, long lasting dog toy that is good right down to the last bite.

Chatham Hemp is the perfect choice for a dog toy.  These pull toys have a handle at each end, your dog can pull on one end whilst you pull the other.  Giving hours of fun in the garden or indoors.

Because these bespoke toys are made by craftsman, there is no stapling or glue involved but instead are finished by splicing and knotting - the old fashioned way. These toys encompass a naval tradition means that it is a privilege to have them made by such esteemed Master Rope makers. 

Made by craftsman in the 400 year old ropery at Chatham Royal Naval Dockyard, these natural hemp dog toys have heritage woven into the very heart of them.

52cm long