The French Dog by Rachael Hale

$79.00 AUD

Joining their owners at cafes, in shops, and just about everywhere else, dogs have always had a special place in French life. In "The French Dog," bestselling animal photographer Rachael McKenna (nEe Hale) has captured a host of unforgettable dogs--dachshunds, poodles, Labradors, bulldogs, and more--in a variety of stunning locations, from stately chateaux to chic Paris addresses to cobblestoned streets in quiet villages. A follow-up to the popular book "The French Cat," this photographic exploration of the captivating canines of Rachael's adopted home also shares her experience living in a new country with her young family.

Artwork and quotes from famous French dog lovers and literary greats are also included, making this an irresistible read for Francophiles and dog lovers alike. 

Hardcover Full edtion - 168 pages