Santa Maria Novella Face and Neck Cream

$120.00 AUD

Crema Viso Décolleté

A “24 hour” cream for normal and mixed skin types. Rich in vegetable oils, vitamins and plant extracts; it helps keep the skin moisturized, reducing oxidative stress which is responsible for skin ageing.

The presence of glycerin and natural gelling agents translates into a richness when applying, It is a recommended treatment for preventing the formation of wrinkles. 

Instructions: rub into the face and neck until completely absorbed. Use may be alternated with Crema Idralia. 

Main Ingredients 
- Wheat germ oil: nourishing, restorative, protective. 
- Avocado oil: emollient, protective, aids the skin’s natural defenses. 
- Vitamin E: antioxidant and protects the cell membranes. 
- Jojoba oil: emollient, provides a protective coating, improves skin moisturization by reducing water loss. 
- Vitamin F: stabilizes skin and cell membrane structure, keeping the skin moist and stimulating the ceramides of the outer skin layers. 
- Echinacea extract: improves elasticity, anti-wrinkle. 
- Ginseng extract: anti-wrinkle, toner. 
- Arnica tincture: stimulating, reactivating. 
Paraben Free