Albert Park Victorian Railways Enamel Sign

$145.00 AUD

Contemporary VR enamel 'Albert Park', target type sign. 

Black lettering on white background with thick circular black border.

Size 450 x 290 mm. 

Our wonderful VR Enamel signs are made by an Australian company that specialise in enamel signs for industry- schools, municiple councils, laboratories and swimming pools since Victorian times. 

We have worked closely with them to re-create pieces which in terms of quality, hark back to their products from earlier times.

The typeface and size are as originals. 

Solid Steel and Vitrified Glass Enamel

  • Enamel or vitreous enamel is really a thin layer of glass fused by heat on to the surface of a metal.
  • Enamel is part of everyday life and found all around us. It covers many kitchen surfaces including cookers, saucepans and washing machine drums. You will find enamel covering cast iron or steel baths and clock and watch faces. 

Orders take 6-8 weeks to produce. All signs are handmade. 

Made on the outskirts of Melbourne to order.