Alice 3 Piece Kids Cutlery Set - WHITE

$79.00 AUD

After Alice falls through the rabbit hole, she meets many strange characters with whom she connects at the table.  The Matter Hatter - always drinking tea; the March Hare - running against time; the Cheshire visionary Cat and his enigmas.

Alice's Cutlery Set for Children, designed by Joaquim Ribeiro, was conceived for those who are just beginning to learn table rituals. The curved design is perfect for small hands.

Alice's cutlery is also a tribute to another Alice, Alice Marques, co-founder with José Ribeiro of the Cutipol brand in 1964.

  • 3 piece children’s cutlery set
  • Fork: L16cm
  • Knife: L17cm
  • Spoon: L16cm
  • Matte white resin handles with 18/10 stainless steel
  • Please note due to handmade nature sizes may vary slightly
  • Dishwasher safe

          Made in Portugal.