Alix Hunter Gumnuts in Pickle Jar

$995.00 AUD

Gumnuts in Pickle Jar still life by Alix Hunter exemplifies her signature clarity as see artfully explores light and dark to create brightness but also enticing depth that invites you into its world. A refreshing and contemporary vision of the Australian native. 

Oil on Canvas.

49 x 39 cm 


Alix Hunter’s still life combines her love of painting with her love of the Australian bush. She is a keen walker and gardener and finds the organic subject matter for current work walking and foraging along the inner city bushlands of the Merri Creek and around the back blocks of the Mornington Peninsula.

Alix works from observation. She often paints in situ and loves the idea of bringing the bush back home. She favours a limited palette, focusing on chroma, tonality, texture, and composition. Her colour combinations, minimalist approach and loose paint work result in strong images that evoke sensitive contemplation.

Alix is interested in exploring new ways of interpreting and representing her subject matter. However, her work holds dear painting traditions of the past. She is particularly interested in the work of Australian painters Clarice Beckett, Dorrit Black, and Margaret Preston.