Cire Trudon - L'ADMIRABLE Room Spray


Les Parfums d'interieur -  Room Spray

By Cire Trudon

Ernesto Room Spray

Cire Trudon introduces a collection of hand-crafted interior perfume atomisers in a selection of it's iconic scents.  The Room Sprays have been created in the style of antique atomisers with bottles in moulded green glass, which carry the Cire Trudon emblem, topped with an elegant golden 'poire' atomiser.

Each glass is shaped by artisans from Vinci, in Italy.

Scent of Eternal Cologne, fair and virginal, left behind by Eugénie and Winterhalter’s flower girls. An imperial bee breaks into a dance around the gusty vapors of ruffled citrus fruits and bitter orange. 

Head Notes - Bitter orange, lemon-yellow, limette and litsea cubeba.
Heart Notes - Lily of the valley, ylang-ylang and petitgrain.
Base Notes - Balsamique, vanilla and musk

375 ml

Made in France