Cire Trudon Perfume Bruma

$350.00 AUD
Bruma contains a distinguished, almost animal-like sensuality. In the night, a feminine rider draws inner strength from the elements that surround her: her horse and the depth of the forest at night seem to give her a magnetic and carnal aura.
Notes : 
  • Head - Black Pepper, Lavender, Galbanum
  • Heart - Violets, Purple Peony, Iris, Jasmine Sam-Bac
  • Base - Labdanum, Haitian Vetiver, Tonka Bean
Bruma will unveil on your skin the depth of the iris note and a soft leather touch
Created by Antoine Lie
Bruma (“solstice” in Latin) is intrinsically tied to the sun. And to royalty. An icy solstice,
Bruma feeds on the moon and the forest to evoke the inner metamorphosis of a character in contact with the nature surrounding her. “A noble figure leaves the comfort of her rooms on horseback at night to discover a part of herself in another, nearly supernatural place. Her appearance is evoked by the notes that transcribe her femininity as well as her elevated rank. The rider crosses a clearing, passing from the half-dark into the nocturnal light, shrouded in mystery, enigma and a distinguished sensuality that is almost animal-like. Her beauty is suddenly revealed by a spiritual energy.” - Antoine Lie.


Eau de parfum 100ml
By Cire Trudon

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