Nazareth Classic Red Christmas 2020 Intermezzo Candle (800g) by Cire T

$415.00 AUD

800g Intermezzo Classic Red limited edition candle

2020 Christmas Collection 
Trudon travels to the alleys of a Moroccan Enchanted Souk – warm hanging lights, colourful molten glass, golden-coppery accessories, all are an invitation to travel to the desert, mesmerised with visions and scents.

NAZARETH By Cire Trudon

A city of northern Israel, in Galilee. In the New Testament, it is described as the city of Mary and Joseph. It is the biblical city of reference and one of the great destinations for Christian pilgrimages.

Under a unique star, the red fire of clove, cinnamon and orange dances in the silent sacred night. From Orient to Occident, a pinch of olibanum secretly enlightens the soul.


Head Notes - Ceylon Cinnamon, Bitter Orange, Grapefruit, Tangerine
Heart Notes - Orange, Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamom, Chinese Osmanthus
Base Notes - Musk, Bourbon Vanilla, Benzoin Resin, Cistus, Myrrh

This pure vegetable-based wax scented candle with pure cotton wick is biodegradable, allergen free and contains no pesticides. Housed within a beautiful hand-blown red glass vessel.

Size: 800g

Burn time from 110 hours 

Made in France