Flenstead Danish Guggenheim Circle Square Mobile

$269.00 AUD

This modern mobile was designed for the Guggenheim Museum. 

This mobile is often called the "Mondrian" mobile. 

Made of colourful fiberboard shapes. Shapes are a different colour on each side. Hangs 14" tall by 36" wide. Comes fully assembled. Handmade in Denmark.

Circle Square was made in collaboration between Ole and Christine Kit Flensted, and Aase Flensted gave the mobile its name.

In 1953 Christian Flensted made his first mobile to celebrate the christening of his daughter - He cut out three storks, mounted them in two straws, and the first Flensted Mobile was made! 

A Flensted mobile is made from a perfect combination of love, dedication and quality, bringing a unique design into your home - and helping you to unwind at the same time!

Design: Greenberg Kingsley
Size: 45 x 105 cm
Material: PP/charcoal rods