Happy Little Cloud by FriendsWithYou

$695.00 AUD

"Little Cloud", 2018

Silkscreened & Embossed

Strathmore Impress Pure Cotton Wove Paper 

11 x 14 inches 

The Little Cloud series was created to commemorate Little Cloud being part of the Macy's Thanks Giving Day Parade. 

A symbol of light. It effortlessly floats off the paper as the print includes an embossed fluffy cloud that literally lifts into a gentle relief. 

This work is by the Internationally acclaimed artistic duo, Samuel Albert Borkson, and Arturo Sandoval (Sam + Tury). Their fine art collective is called FriendsWithYou. Founded in 2002, FriendsWithYou works across a series of mediums, everything from painting to bounce houses. Their instantly recognizable work that focuses on spreading positivity. 

Signed limited edition. 70 - 500. 

50 x 41 cm 

Soft gold Tasmanian oak frame. 

instantly sold out when released.