Pure Linen Bath Mat

$75.00 AUD
Scout House is proud to stock the very best towels in the Australian marketplace. 
These European linen terry towels which are rare, sweatshop-free, chemical-free, and organic from start to finish and are the best we can offer. Linen, like hemp, can absorb up to 150% of its weight in water, so our Linen Terry Towels are extra thirsty ( 4 times more absorbent than cotton) as well as quick to dry (thanks to the fiber's insulating and breathable hollow core).
Linen towels are also extremely durable and long lasting. In a natural darker grey-beige colour. 
Our linen terry towels are substantial, warm, and have exfoliating qualities; dry quickly and insulate well. 
We source our linen towels directly from the maker in Europe so are able to offer considerably cheaper prices than similar products available in Australia.