Mad et Len Candle Darkwood

$179.00 AUD

Deep, intense and saturated with smoke, Darkwood is a frigid autumn night on the trail made warmer with a crackling campfire. The cowboys hang their saddles to dry by the heat, while the night's dinner roasts on a spit above the flames. Stories are shared, a whisky flask passed back and forth. A night spent under the stars.

A mysterious profile and notes of Leather, Fougere notes, ebony notes and burned Bark.

Bougie d'Apothicaire (Apothecary Candle) is hand made in limited series in the Mad et Len workshop with burned steel.

Each piece is unique.

The candles are hand-poured with vegetal wax infused with a selection of scent to fill the room with original perfume.

Containers are made from hand hammered wrought steel, copper and black apothecary style glass and stored inside refined hand made packaging.

 300 gram candles burn for 60-80 hours.

The candle has been updated to now have the classic cream and black label