French Mauviel Colander 22 Cm by Mauviel France

$129.00 AUD

Classic French Mauviel Colander 22 cm

Made in France. 

Strainer designed for intensive use in cooking and baking, ideal for making jelly, fruit coulis, custard...
Entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel: undeformable and extremely robust.

Ø 0.8mm micro-perforations: strainer as effective as a conventional muslin strainer for fine filtrations.

Has a welded stainless steel handle, curved and unbendable, which enables an ergonomic grip and easy storage of the utensil thanks to its hanging hole.

Has 2 welded stainless steel brackets: for placing the strainer in a container without spilling the contents; very stable; they facilitate the cook's work as hands are free.

Hygienic, easy to clean stainless steel. Dishwasher-safe.