Miller et Bertaux - Menta Y Menta

$195.00 AUD


Eau de Parfum

Miller et Bertaux Menta y Menta is a fougère fragrance without gender, in which men and women will be recognized without distinction. It comes from a minimal and unique evocation: that of a bouquet of Moroccan mint, peppermint and mint tea. Is it right to call it an aromatic infusion, an aromatic tea or an aromatic colony? All three definitions are correct.

Notes: Moroccan mint, Tea leaves, Citrus zests, Roasted coffee, Jasmine

Paris 1985. Partners in life, artists, travellers. Francis Miller and Patrick Bertaux, unpacked their bags in Paris’ Marais. They opened a boutique to present their fashion creations and objects collected on their travels. Poetic words written on white walls painted with Pollock-like brush strokes. The decor was created. Miller et Bertaux was born.