Nanohana candles box set with 40 pieces

$59.00 AUD

The Nanohana candles box set (40 pcs) from Takazawa Candle Company.

Part of the iconic Japanese design collection at Scout house the set includes 40 vibrant yellow 10 cm unscented canola oil wax candles.

These traditional candles form a perfect accompaniment for yoga and meditative practice for a atmospheric time keeping indicator with its 45 minute burn time or as beautiful birthday candles.

Takazawa Rousoku in Ishikawa Prefecture is one of the oldest traditional Japanese candle (Warousoku) makers in Japan. Their techniques of candle making have not changed since 16th century and now they are made by only a handful of Japanese craftsmen. Traditionally used in Buddhist ceremonies and zen meditations, their candles are still popular today. The unscented plant-based candle has a hollow washi paper core, which means it creates less soot and drip, burns with greater intensity and gives brighter flame than modern paraffin candle.

Handcrafted in Japan.

 A box set of 40 candles (A small candle stand is recommended for this candle size).

Material: Canola oil wax, paper wick.

10 cm.

The burning time is approximately 45 minutes.