Santa Maria Novella Orange Blossom Water

$48.00 AUD

Acqua di Fior d'Arancio

Orange Blossom Water, made from orange blossom essential oil, has refreshing and toning properties. It relaxes and softens the skin. Method of Use - pat on the skin with a cotton pad.

The Dominican Friars used this water centuries ago to obtain relief from the common cold by soaking a clean washcloth and placing on chest or nose. 

The Santa Maria Novella Orange Blossom Water can also be used as a linen rinse. In the wash, it leaves its incredible citrus scent and disinfecting properties on all your washables. Simply add a capful to the rinse cycle, or a tablespoon to the ironing water. Can also be sprayed undiluted directly onto linens for a refreshing natural aroma and disinfectant. 

Alcohol free.

250 ml 

Made in Florence.

Every bottle is capped, sealed and packaged by hand.