Compagnie De Provence- Marseille Soap- For Sensitive Skin- 400 grams

$25.00 AUD

Compagnie De Provence

Marseille Cube Soap- For Sensitive Skin- 400 grams

400 grams 

7cm x 7cm 

This Marseille soap cube is made in Marseille and cooked in a cauldron, in accordance with tradition.

Free of palm oil, it contains 72% oil – the minimum required for any genuine Marseille soap!
This natural, authentic product is perfect for washing the hands and body, but is also recommended for washing delicate laundry and floors. 

These soaps are without doubt the very best in luxury soaps, gentle on your skin, with beautiful fragrances of Provence!

No animal fats and synthetic substances.

Made in Marseille.