Stendig Calendar 2022

$65.00 AUD $135.00 AUD

The Standing 2022 calendar designed by Massimo Vignelli in 1966 with its dramatic and bold bold black and white graphics make it a popular as well as functional focal point of design in a residential and commercial interior.

It consist of 12 sheets of some months are reverse printed producing a black background with white letters and numerals with other months printed in black on white background.

 The sheets are perforated along a line just under the binding strip to allow them to be torn away neatly. (Removed sheets are great for wrapping gifts and other craft projects). The binding strip of the calendar has three matte black finish metal eyelets to facilitate easy hanging.

The only calendar in the design collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  After 50 years, a design from the sixties endures as an example of excellence in modern graphic design and is most appropriate for vintage or 21st Century distinguished homes and business environments.

91.44cm (H) x 121.92cm (L)

Manufactured in Nashville, Tennessee,  United States of America.