Tala 1960s Flour Sifter

$28.00 AUD

Another kitchen classic that has stood the test of time.

With trigger action, the 1960s flour sifter ensures that flour is turned into a soft and light flour with an even consistency.

Also ideal for sifting flour onto worktops or for baking featherlight cakes. Press the trigger handle repeatedly and the spokes work against the fine meshed base to agitate and aerate the flour.

Many other uses... Sifting - The flour sifter is essential for recipes where a lighter, fluffier texture is required, such as cakes and souffles. 

training - Use the sifter to segregate fine powder from larger chunks such as vanilla bean parts in a container of vanilla powdered sugar.

Mixing- The sifter is an effective way to mix dry baking ingredients thoroughly e.g. baking powder/soda, salt or cocoa.

Distributing - Ensures an even sprinkling of powdered sugar or cocoa on finished baked goods. It is more consistent and leaves the powder drier than sprinkling by hand.

Tala is one of Britain's oldest and best loved kitchenware brands, trusted by cooks all over the world since 1899. We have a rich history of manufacturing kitchen, home and utility wares. 

Hand wash only