Vintage French Wash Tub


Large French vintage galvanised zinc laundry tub for washing clothes, in excellent condition.

Circa 1940s, this is a heavy piece In original condition. Inside it has some marks but it could be washed out. This piece looks amazing and would be wonderful as a storage container for firewood or shoes, or it would make a gorgeous planter tub, indoors or out.

The galvanized tub is in as found condition with original patina.

These tubs date from post war 1940's, 1950's in heavy galvanised steel.

Use as an planter, large ice bucket to hold drinks at a party or wedding, wash tub for a small pet, bucket to hold and mix your garden soil in.

Holds water with out leaks.

Sizes vary a little but expect approximately 80cm long x 50cm high x 50cm wide.