Vox Populi - Le Mouton- The Sheep Figure

$90.00 AUD

A stunning work of art, this beautiful creation is designed by the inspiring French artist, Pascale Palun of Vox Populi. Bringing romantic ideals to life with her sculptural creations, Pascale has handcrafted 'Le Mouton' from rustic wire woven with wonderful raw wool.

This charming mouton is handmade in Avignon using locally sourced wool. He is charming on your dinner table, perched on a shelf, or watching over you while you sleep on your bedside table. 

Charming and wistful. This conversation piece will take centre stage in any room of the house.

"Falling asleep counting sheep"

Vox Populi Le Mouton Figure Dimensions: 7.5cm Height x 10cm Width.


Made in France 
Tucked away on a charming Avignon street is the enchanting world of Pascale Palun and her fascinating studio, Vox Populi. "I have always loved old things," she explains. "Imperfect things, like a table with three legs ... When she began Vox Populi 17 years ago, Pascale foraged for things in dumps, abandoned houses and flea markets, seeking out pieces with a history and a story, essential to her own creativity.