Vox Populi Portrait Cushion No 6- 60 x 60

$245.00 AUD
Vox Populi. Portrait Coussin No . 2
100% French linen.
Wonderful digital printed cushions using the finest French linen . 
Printed on front with natural linen on the back with zipper closure. 

60cm x 60cm 
Made in France 
Tucked away on a charming Avignon street is the enchanting world of Pascale Palun and her fascinating studio, Vox Populi. "I have always loved old things," she explains. "Imperfect things, like a table with three legs ... When she began Vox Populi 17 years ago, Pascale foraged for things in dumps, abandoned houses and flea markets, seeking out pieces with a history and a story, essential to her own creativity.